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Beautiful Labrador Retriever Pup Surrendered Because She Got ‘Too Big’

Update 2/11/2024: Bubbles has been adopted!

Gardena, CA – On February 2, a beautiful yellow Labrador Retriever was surrendered to the Carson Animal Services facility because her owners said that she “got too big.” Now, the year-old pup’s fate is at the mercy of the shelter system.

The young dog, Bubbles, is undoubtedly confused and sad after the loss of her home, and her people.

Sadly, Bubbles is now just a number (ID#A5606621). She is another homeless dog who may or may not make it out of the shelter facility alive. It does not matter if she is purebred, friendly, healthy, or not – nothing makes her safe.

You can lend sweet Bubbles a hand by sharing her adoption information. Networking saves lives. A quick “share” to Twitter (X), Facebook, Instagram, and/or email may be the difference between this pup’s life, or her death.

Adoption profile here.

Located At: Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson
Description: My name is Bubbles.
I am described as a spayed female, yellow Labrador Retriever.
Age: The shelter thinks I am about 1 year old.
More Info: I have been at the shelter since Feb 02, 2024.

Location: Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson
Phone Number: (310) 523-9566
Address: 216 West Victoria Street
Gardena, CA 90248

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the shelter. Animal Victory is not the point of contact and has no affiliation with this dog or this facility. Thank you!

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  1. People make me sick. They get a Puppy and Surrender it because it got too Big??? WTF kind of Moron would do such a thing. Did you think the Pup would stay small forever? I honestly think that some People are absolutely Retarded and just plain STUPID !! I hate any Humans that treat Animals like Garbage .

  2. God bless the adopter. They say that often times, the saved dogs are the ones that save us :). Nothing but best wishes for the doggo and the family 🙂



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