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Bam Bam, Betty White’s Beloved Bear Friend, Has Died

Bam Bam, a bear who endeared himself to the legendary Betty White in 2018, has died. The administrator of Betty White’s popular Facebook page broke the heartbreaking news to her millions of fans on June 13, writing:

Returning from hiatus with a bittersweet post. This boy has been reunited with this lady, who loved him so dearly. 🌈🌈🌈 Bam Bam was just a spectacular creature. He will be dearly missed by all those who loved him. ❤️❤️

According to The Mirror, Bam Bam and Betty met while filming The First Lady of Television documentary. The bear’s death comes just six months after Betty White, well known for her deep love of animals, passed away just shy of her 100th birthday.

In the documentary she commented on her passion for animals:

“That’s my life. The reason I work, the reason I do anything is for my love for animals.”


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  1. Did Bam Bam live up in the Mojave? The land looks very familiar and I know there are sanctuaries up there near where I used to live. Fly free, whole, healthy, and forever Cherished, Bam Bam. Be free, and rest in Perfect Love.

  2. r.i.p. precious soul💜 your best friend in Betty will be visiting you everyday. Enjoy your times together in heaven❣️

  3. That is what I am living for, since I was a small child. Wish I could do so much more, but can’t afford it. I have 3 cats that I adore and take care of every day.



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