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Badly Neglected Dog Undergoes Remarkable Transformation

Lubbock, Texas – A badly neglected dog has undergone a remarkable transformation thanks to a talented groomer. The little dog, dubbed Matt, is in the care of the South Plains SPCA which shared photos of his stunning makeover this week.

Neglected dog's amazing transformation
Neglected dog’s amazing transformation

The animal welfare agency commended Matt’s groomer, writing:

Kayla Thurmon with Kayla’s Grooming Service came to the vet office and after Matt was sedated Kayla performed her grooming magic!

Thurmon removed an amazing three pounds of badly matted fur from the dog’s body. During the grooming session, thousands of goathead stickers, sticks, grass and even beetles were found in his fur.

Though Matt’s condition was pitiful, he has no heartworm or tick disease…likely because nothing could penetrate the thick fur that was bound to his body.

Despite the obvious neglect that Matt endured, he has maintained a sweet disposition. The rescue group said that he will be made available for adoption after he has fully recovered and his vetting is complete.

According to Everything Lubbock, Matt was rescued after someone spotted him in a cornfield. His rescuers think that he had approximately five years of matted fur on his body, making mobility a challenge, and life uncomfortable, if not downright painful.

Things are looking up for this sweet boy. You can follow his rescuers on Facebook at this link.

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  1. God I hope authorities can find the owner that allow the dog to be entrapped in his own fur like a mummy. This dog suffered and someone should pay the price. Find the owner, offer a reward let’s get justice for this little dog that obviously endure something awful. The owner should serve time behind bars and loose his or her freedom just the dog lost his.

  2. The owner should be imprisoned and never own another pet again. I would take him in a heartbeat but I live in the Reno, Nevada area. I only adopt rescue pets.



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