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Authorities Search For Owner Of Matted, Blind Dog, Missing Paw, Found In Dumpster

Beaufort County, SC – The authorities in Beaufort County, SC, are seeking information about a badly neglected dog who was recently rescued from a dumpster. The sheriff’s office said that the miniature poodle was found in a dumpster off of Parker Drive in Burton on Thursday, February 22, 2024. A good Samaritan heard the dog crying from inside a garbage bag that was filled with trash, including dirty diapers.

Noah’s Arks Rescue image (via screenshot)

The authorities have detailed the rescued dog’s health issues, writing:

He is a miniature poodle that weighs 10 pounds. He is neutered and has glaucoma or cataracts in both eyes. He is missing his right hind paw.

His coat was severely matted when he was found and had not been tended to in quite some time.

Noah’s Arks Rescue said that the dog, dubbed Treasure, had two pounds of filthy, matted fur removed from his body after being rescued. In a release, the rescue group said:

I repeat this time and time: why do animals stay alive when their daily existence is pain and torture? It is as if they know someone will come along and save them. Based on Treasure’s condition, he had to have been confined to a kennel for most of his Life. He has been waiting all of his Life to be saved.

Information needed

Anyone with information regarding the dog’s owner is encouraged to contact Sgt. Swalm at 843-255-3215, or if wishing to remain anonymous, Crime Stoppers of the Lowcountry at 843-554-1111.

The dog is currently receiving veterinary care at Port Royal Veterinary Hospital.

Donations for care can be made at this link to the rescue agency.

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  1. oy i hope they catch these scumbags. throw away this poor dog like garbage when god knows what he has endured hi 10 years of life. i hope he fully recovers and finds a home that will love and take care of him properly.

  2. OMG, poor precious dog…..PLEASE FIND THE MONSTER WHO DID THIS!!!! The owner of this poor dog must pay ASAP!!! That evil devil belongs in hell, kill him/her NOW!!!

  3. We know who the actual trash is. What sort of “human” being would do that to an elderly, precious, sensitive being? They’d better catch this person and administer full justice before he/she goes on to do more sadistic harm to others, including helpless people.

  4. DOGs are our closest help, our treasures and part of the family, plus they have a SOUL, which makes them special!! I feel through this SOUL that they can hear us and other things so clearly!! BUT to some they are nothing, just something to beat on, neglect, or puppy mills and you don’t want to get me started on puppy mills!! It is time we, the people, that love these dogs do two things, 1- get dogs spayed/neutered, the cost to these will be no more that $50!!! Those that have dogs that allow them to give birth, it should be that they be responsible for getting these puppies spayed/neutered BEFORE selling or giving them away!! And there should be a law for those that try to get around the law at this point too!! 2- Have all dogs and cats microchipped and spayed!! This way if a dog disappears, they can be given back to the owner when found!! These are two laws that should be there to help the dogs lower their stray volume from 70 million!! It should also put the pounds out of the business of killing dogs!! Plus, it should take care of the dogs that are experimented on, tortured, and killed in labs!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Then there are the breeders which most people don’t want to mention, except to say how they’re “needed” to keep the “pure breeds” going. Breeders in the business of selling precious lives to whoever comes in with a downpayment are how we got to this tragic situation today. 😒



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