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Authorities Investigating After ‘Super Friendly’ Neighborhood Cat Shot With Arrow

Pinellas County, FL – The authorities are investigating an animal cruelty case in Pinellas County, Florida. According to the local sheriff department, a “super friendly” neighborhood cat was shot with an arrow.

In a news release from the sheriff’s office, details about the cruelty case were released:

According to detectives, on January 31, 2024, members of the private organization, Cat Trap Fever Inc., trapped a cat that had an arrow protruding from its back. The organization transported the cat to a local veterinarian, where it underwent surgery to remove the arrow. The initial surgery was successful; however, the cat has had to undergo additional surgery and is listed in serious condition.

No photo description available.

The three-year-old cat was shot with a black Wicked Ridge arrow near 72nd Avenue North and 33rd Street North in Unincorporated St. Petersburg.

Anyone with any information on this case or similar cases, please contact Detective McKee at 727-582-5827.

If you wish to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers of Pinellas County, Inc by calling **TIPS or

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  1. Scum!!!! These evil people need to be punished. Imagine doing such a thing to a vulnerable creature. Speaks volumes to the type of low life they are.

  2. Texas and florida there must be some real demented pieces of shit in these 2 states. Between the abuse and so called shelters that have a euthanasia machine going animals are doomed in either place. What is going on with these 2 states? They are constantly on these sites but yet they refuse to change the laws. Really a shame that these animals have no voices in these dumps.

  3. Agreed Lou and I live in Florida. This makes me sick. Disgusting pieces of crap. Why do people do this? What does an animal do to you? That makes you hate them so much. Probably nothing you’re just a sick piece of shit.

  4. another example of a sorry excuse for a human being. Hard to understand how anyone could get pleasure out of doing this , Sounds like a future hunter in the making another class of sociopathic shitheads,



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