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Arizona Man Arrested For Fatally Beating German Shepherd Puppy

Phoenix, AZ – An Arizona man has been arrested for allegedly stomping and beating his German shepherd puppy to death. As reported by AZ Central, Anthony Reynolds was caught on an apartment complex’s surveillance video “aggressively stomping” on a German shepherd puppy and repeatedly hitting the young dog with a wine bottle.

The apartment manager at a complex near Indian School Road and 20th Avenue told responding police officers that the pup was found dead near the complex gate. The deceased puppy had visible injuries on its mouth and head.

Reynolds’ roommate told the police that the suspect had been drinking that morning; the roommate left and after returning, noticed that Reynolds and the puppy were both missing.

Reynolds was arrested on Monday, June 24, and booked into jail on a charge of animal cruelty; he claims that he acted in self-defense because the puppy had attacked him.

(Stock image of a German shepherd puppy)

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  1. the puppy attacked him. another mental giant. they should just suffocate this piece of shit while he sleeps. what a beautiful dog, another lost at the hands of a lowlife scumbag. RIP Pup!

    • And yet another !!! who should NEVER have animals of any shape size or creed.
      They are a danger to all animals and society as a whole. I say lock him up and throw away
      the key for good.

        • It probably already is humans!! He should never been able to get this dog in any way!! People should inspect the person that is wanting to adopt or be given an animal!! It should be a law in all states!! Along with that there should be laws to have a dog microchipped and registered, along with spayed/neutered!! ALL of these should be state laws, that way people cannot just take the animal off and leave them!!


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