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Animals Sick And Dying After Ohio Train Derailment

Palestine, Ohio – Residents in and around Palestine, Ohio, are growing increasingly concerned about toxins in the air and water following the February 3 train derailment that caused the release of vinyl chloride and other hazardous chemicals. In the days following the incident, thousands of fish have died, and residents are reporting sickness and death of their pets and livestock.

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, at least 3,500 fish have died because of the toxic chemical that has infiltrated area streams. In the town of Lima, which is approximately 10 miles from the crash site, residents have reported the sudden death of their chickens.

Amanda Breshears tells WKNB News:

“I’m beyond upset and quite panicked, ’cause this, they may be just chickens, but they’re family,”,

Breshears said that her chickens were healthy and acting normally on Monday, and by Wednesday they were dead.

Taylor Holzer, who rescues foxes, has reported that one fox died after being exposed to the toxic fumes, and others are showing signs of sickness.

The chemicals on the derailed train were set on fire in order to prevent an explosion, and the massive plume of black smoke has caused a great deal of concern among people who live in the area. Despite those concerns, and the known hazards of the vinyl chloride chemical, officials have assured residents that the air quality is okay, and the water has not been contaminated.

As reported by CBS News, the train was also carrying butyl acrylate, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, ethylhexyl acrylate and isobutylene.


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  1. “officials have assured residents that the air quality is okay, and the water has not been contaminated.” Well these officials better get ready for major multiple lawsuits for “assuring” everyone that the air and water is all good. Lying sacks of sh*t.

  2. what a bunch of lying scumbags. as usual lie to people to cover your ass and after shit starts dying the truth comes out. where is our illustrious president and his transportation asshole whats his name? buttaplug or something like that. these people need help and they have nowhere to turn. maybe we should use some of the millions of illegals coming here to help with the clean up.

    • But the Dems and the UN Sec. of Human Rights would say that would be inhumane and not dignified for the illegals..

  3. They made a quick decision to light the chemicals on fire. This was done not for safety but so that the track could be cleared allowing the railroad company back in business…money. Biden never went down to check and Sec. ‘Mayor Pete’ said it was just another train derailment among the thousand that occurred last year. This are of PA are heavy Trump supporters so Biden was in no hurry to help. I hope the people of that area sue the RR and every other entity involved in this needless catastrophe. Feel so sorry for animals and people.



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