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Animal Victory Employee Helps Capture Stray Dog; Now Rescue Group Needed

Update 4/16/2023: Adopted!

Pender County, NC – A stray German shepherd has been captured and is receiving care thanks to Animal Victory’s Court Researcher, Michelle Massie. According to Massie, the dog had been roaming around a man’s property, getting into trash; it was clear that the dog was not being cared for and was in need of help.

With the help of a trap, and Massie’s daughter, Monica, the dog was captured. Massie said:

He was scared and sweet.
We took him home. He ate, ran around, and was almost giving hugs thanking and showing how happy he was to be saved.

She added:

He was found with a chord and an unreadable note around his neck.  Tonight, and until he has a forever home indoors, he will be loved, fed, and part of a family (after a MUCH needs bath). 

The pup (estimated to be 9 to 12 months of age) was taken to a veterinarian and scanned for a microchip with two different machines; no chip was found.

The pup is described as friendly, affectionate, house-broken and “full of energy.” He can be fostered by Michelle’s family, but she wants a rescue group to help coordinate veterinary care and adoption screening.

If you are with a rescue agency that can help take this beautiful German shepherd under your wing, please email Michelle at mijoswo@gmail.com


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