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Animal Shelter Director Waded Through Deep Water To Rescue Dog In Distress In Flooded Area

A strong storm that swept through Dothan, Alabama, last week left a dog “in distress” in an area flooded from the rain. The Dothan Police Department said that they received a call on March 18 about a distressed dog who was near a creek that spilled over in the torrent of rain.

Dothan Animal Shelter Director Bill Banks went to the property after discovering that the dog’s owner was “unavailable.”

Banks fearlessly waded into the flooded area to free the dog.

The police department recounted his brave actions, writing:

Without knowing what might be in the waters or the demeanor of the dog, Director Banks waded through waist high waters himself to free the dog and get it out of the flooding fenced area it was in.

The dog was clearly grateful for Banks’ kindness – someone managed to capture a photo of the dog hugging his rescuer.

The authorities commended Banks for his good deed, writing:

Director Banks selflessness and care for animals reflects greatly of himself, the Dothan Animal Shelter, and the City of Dothan. As you can see, the grateful fur baby thanked him with a big wet hug!

(Images via Dothan Police Department Facebook page)

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  1. Karma for those who leave their pets behind during an emergency! One wouldn’t leave their children during a time like that.



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