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Alligator Missing Half Of Her Jaw Destined To Live ‘Her Best Life’ At Florida’s Gatorland

An injured alligator, missing half her jaw, has found a safe place to live out her life.

Kissimmee, FL – An alligator who lost the top half of her jaw has been trapped and sent to a Florida alligator park to recover and “live her best life.” Gatorland Orlando has welcomed the injured gator as their newest resident and vowed to give her the best care for the remainder of her life.

On Saturday, the park posted a photo of the rescued alligator, writing:

We are beyond blessed to be able to help this little alligator have the very best life ever here with us at Gatorland! This little lady made news around the globe due to the extent of her injury.

The park’s team will ensure that the gator will be able to eat in a “stress-free” environment.

The injured alligator, suspected to be the victim of a prop strike from a boat, amazingly managed to live on her own in the wild for an estimated six months of time. Experts believe she was eating small things, like snails and frogs, to stay alive.

Though she was a bit thin by the time she was captured, she appears to be otherwise healthy. Gatorland is confident that she will be able to enjoy a good life at the park.

Efforts are underway to select a good name for the mighty survivor. Find out what the park selects by following them on Facebook at this link.

(Image via screenshot/Gatorland Orlando)

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  1. I hope she didn’t eat any Plastic. That is so sad she lost her jaw. Thank you Gatorland Humans 🙂 Keep us Updated on her..and what are you going to Name Her?

  2. When I read stories such as this, it gives me hope that we have not lost our humanity yet.

    Thank you for caring for God’s creatures!

    God bless you!



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