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Ailing Dog Getting His Second Chance After Animal Control Received Call To Retrieve ‘Dead Dog’ From Road

Union County, FL – A starved and clearly ailing dog is getting a second chance after being rescued from the side of a road in Union County. According to Florida Urgent Rescue Inc., Brianna, a Union County animal control officer, received a call about a dead dog on the side of the road and she went out to retrieve the dog’s body.

On Sunday, the rescue agency said that Brianna found a dog very much alive, but too weak to stand. The dog was rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital for fluids and care. The group described the critical condition of the dog, writing:

Dr. Mack immediately ran bloodwork again, and he was still critical. His red blood cell (RBC) count, hematocrit (HCT) and hemoglobin (HGB) were all dangerously low. He needed a transfusion, but after using all the packed red blood cells he had to save our puppies, Dr. Mack reordered, but it’s on backorder.

Ultimately, blood was secured for the pup, dubbed Leonidas, and a transfusion was successfully administered.

Leonidas has a long road to recovery, but he is in good hands and receiving the life-saving care that he needs to beat the odds. The rescue agency said:

He’s already received vitamin injections and other medications, and they’re feeding him small meals. We know he’s in good hands with Dr. Mack and the team at Palm Valley. Heather Huffman is on deck to foster him when he’s healthy enough to leave the vet, but he’ll stay hospitalized for now.

Please keep this neglected dog in your thoughts as he fights to survive. Follow the group on Facebook at this link.

(Images via Facebook)

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  1. Thank God precious Leonidas was rescued in time! I hope the monster who did this will burn in hell soon!! Please find that sadistic scumbag and make him/her pay!!!!

  2. Thank you for picking up this dog on time and doing everything to help him heal and recover. I pray that he will be able to overcome all the odds and have a second chance at life.

  3. I believe that anyone who abuses any animal that God created will be judged by him on judgement day and I pray that the judgement will be harsh. How “humans” can mistreat any animal is beyond my understanding. So glad that you rescued this beautiful dog and I pray that he finds a forever, loving home.

  4. God bless all the folks that helped out here to save this pup, man’s best friend & a friend in need is certainly a friend indeed…..

  5. People have a lot to answer for in allowing puppy breeders to continue bringing more and more into this cruel world, causing so many wonderful dogs to end up with people who think of them as nothing, or just trash. So glad this sweet dog got saved; may he have a secure, wonderful life now, as all “pets” should.

  6. It is shameful and a total disgrace that horrible crimes against animals are so common in Florida. Our governor is an animal lover who called out Dr. Fauci for the awful beagle “maggot” experiments, so he can’t be blamed. It starts at the grassroots level. Local authorities need to act swiftly when they see sick dogs on chains or anywhere else, and they need to have animal-protection laws at the local level to back them up.

    • the person will never be found… they never are… i’ve called in many dead dogs from the road but i always make sure its not of this earth anymore before i do make that call….just for this reason…hope this one makes a full recovery and finds the best home….


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