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Ailing Cat Abandoned In Parking Lot With Note From Owner

Omaha, Nebraska – A cat suffering with an upper respiratory infection and dental problems was abandoned in a parking lot earlier this month – the person who abandoned her left a note inside the plastic crate left behind.

According to Felius Cat Cafe & Rescue, the cat, Mei, the note explained that her owner has passed away:

The note read “My wife passed away. This was her cat. I can no longer care for it. The Humane Society won’t pick her up. Good luck.”

Thanks to Stray to Spay and Wag’s, Mei was provided with veterinary care. She is recuperating from her ailments and receiving supportive care in a foster home. When she feels better, her dental problems will be addressed.

Anyone hoping to help can donate at or our Venmo @FeliusOmaha.

Felius Cat Cafe thanked those involved in her rescue,

“Also, thank you again to our friends at Stray to Spay and Lone Tree Animal Care Center for helping us save this lady! We couldn’t do it without you!”

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  1. Truth here is the guy didn’t want to take care of it but I am curious as to why the Humane Society “didn’t want “ to pick her up. Failing that surely to hell there were other rescues he could have called such as the one that finally did. Truth is he didn’t try very hard and took the easy way out. It really pisses me off when people just abandon animals like this and hope for divine intervention. Thankfully it came on time for this little cat no thanks to this asshole.

    • There are those orgs like Humane Society that always have excuses and DO very little for the Animals — considering all their money and resources — DO NOT DONATE to those BIG orgs — I am so thankful that those mentioned Rescues DID in fact take in CAT Mei — thank God for them who are there for you and your Animals.

  2. Tbh, we dont know what he was going thru after his wife’s death. I am the biggest cat lover but if this man was in the pits of depression, he wouldnt be able to take care of himself, let alone this precious tortie. Could he have done more? Perhaps. We dont know. He may not even want to continue living. It could be a million different reasons. I’m just glad Mei is safe now.

  3. Sorry but by his own admission this was his wife’s cat and I am sure she would have expected him to take care of the cat and make sure it was going to be safe regardless whether he kept it or not and he didn’t He tried one place to offload the cat and when that fell through he basically left it to God to protect the cat. No excuses here,… if his wife and her wishes meant that much to him he failed miserably.

  4. Thank you for saving CAT Mei — Thank you to all the beautiful Rescuers — Felius Cat Cafe — Also, thank you to Stray to Spay and Lone Tree Animal Care Center for helping to save this lady. We couldn’t do it without you — I LOVE YOU all.



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