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After 3 Years With Zero Interest, Shelter Forced To Consider Euthanizing Dog

Fairfield, CT – A dog is facing a premature end to his life through no fault of his own. And for that matter, through no fault of the organization tasked with caring for him for the past three years. Three years of absolutely NOBODY showing interest in giving the dog a home.

On Thursday morning, BARC CT posted a photo of the dog named Leo, writing:

After three excruciating years of begging and pleading 🥺 this dog has remained homeless, without a family. We have tried everything. We spared no effort, cost, or amount of time. But after three years, Leo has become so depressed living this way that we’ve been advised it might be best to put him at rest. Yes, that means euthanasia.

Explaining why euthanasia is even being considered:

Living a life locked up in a cage without proper love or care or stability is the opposite of rescue. Living that way for over 36 long, lonely months and 27,000 hours of near solitary confinement is simply cruel. Could you live this way? More importantly, could you, in good conscience, sit by and watch someone suffer in this way?


The truth is, there is no end is sight for the suffering for Leo because not a single soul in the last three years has wanted to adopt this dog. Why? Hes got the trifecta: He’s got all black fur. He’s a Pitty. He loves his humans but is terrified of other dogs because he was attacked by accident at a young age. As a result, he cannot be with other dogs.

The rescue agency said:

-Leo is about 5 years old
-Fixed and all that stuff, of course
-Sweet (oh, so sweet and affectionately)
-Great with kids (we only permit older kids tho per standard policy)
– He’s professionally trained by one of the top trainers in the county and comes with lifetime training with that trainer.

The group writes:

If you have no other pets in your home, experience with large breed, or experience with balanced training or eager to learn and you can be remain committed to saving this poor dogs life, please apply today. There is no time left. We will not allow him to suffer as is.

Learn more about Leo here.

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made to BARC CT. Animal Victory is NOT the point of contact and has no affiliation with BARC CT or this dog. Thank you!

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  1. Breaks my heart. He looks just like my dog that I had from a couple of months old til he died over 13 yrs later. His name was Johnny John Bears and he was best friends with my cat Leo (who will be 14 this June). But I have a male dog that will be 13 in May that I adopted/rescued when he was 1. I’m praying someone opens their heart and home to Leo.

  2. so sad that there are ONLY 2 other people who have even bothered, what a sad indictment on animals who end up in a shelter in the USA come on someone, OPEN YOUR HEART and SAVE HIS LIFE

  3. what a shame such a beautiful dog has to have his life ended. i hope someone could and would help him. prayers for leo.

  4. EUTHANIZE? EUTHANIZE? HOW DARE YOU!!!! Keep him alive for as long as it takes to find a loving home for him! Why should u MURDER this dog bc you haven’t been able to find home a home! He’s not hurting anyone. Stop with the threats and keep loving on him until he finds the right home. Your job is to help these animals not destroy them.

  5. WHY should you take this dog, even though he wants a home and is sad, and euthanize him!! TO GET HIM OUT OF THE WAY, that is the reason!! WHY can’t you call another shelter that does no killing and see if they will take him, have you tried that?? Have you tried a hat, scarf, sunglasses, etc. to see if this shows him better!! It isn’t because he is black, it is because you are not trying enough to get an “only” dog adopted!! THIS sounds like a good dog, how about a sale price on him?? TRY to get this dog sold or change of venue!!!

  6. Handsome Boy! I hope your threats to kill him brings forth a super loving home.
    [Can’t help, in England and pitbulls are ridiculously on the banned list.] Good Luck Leo!



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