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Advocates Clamor To Save Life Of Elderly Dog, Held At California Shelter

San Bernardino County, CA – Dog lovers are clamoring to save the life of an elderly dog who is being held at the Devore animal shelter in San Bernardino. The 15-year-old dog, named Charles, has a microchip, but his owner has not shown up to take him home.

On social media, advocates write:

Charles looks like he has been neglected for a long time. He’s terrified here it’s so loud & scary. Please offer to foster Charles so reputable rescue help can be found. The shelter is FULL he cannot wait.

#A777131 available 3/30 (has microchip, owner has not showed up) ⚠️🩹 Rescue Only (cannot be handled by staff) & Medical waiver required (swollen on cheek, vet says it is not painful)

The shelter has changed the “available date” for Charles to April 3. Because Charles is fearful, he is labeled as “rescue only” by the shelter. You can help this dog by sharing his information. Find the adoption link for Charles here.

ID# A777131
Located: Devore Shelter
Name: My name is Rescue Only Charles.
Description: I am a brown and white, unaltered male, who looks like a Terrier mix.
Age: I am estimated to be 15 years old.
More Info: I am in kennel D 58.

Location: San Bernardino County – Devore Shelter
Phone Number: (909) 386-9820
Address: 19777 Shelter Way
Devore, CA 92407

Note: You must contact the Devore Shelter directly for all information regarding this dog. Animal Victory is NOT the point of contact and has no affiliation with the animal shelter or this dog. Thank you.

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  1. He is adorable. I would love to have him only I am on the east coast in the mountains of Virginia. What a cutie. 🙏🐶❤️

  2. Another abandoned animal- what the fuck is wrong with people. Somebody please step up and give this poor guy a comfortable home for his final days.

  3. i hope when his previous owners get old someone drops them off at a nursing home and leaves them never looking back. that is what these people deserve. i pray this pup enjoys the rest of his days in a cam and peaceful home.



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