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Abandoned Cat, Sealed In Box, Sat Unnoticed For Days In Sweltering Heat

San Antonio, Texas – A cat suffered for days inside of a sealed box after someone abandoned her near a San Antonio veterinary hospital. According to the China Grove Veterinary Clinic, the box the cat was sealed in went unnoticed for four days – the temperature was in the 100s when the cat was tossed over a fence.

In a Facebook post, the veterinary clinic said, “What’s in the duct-taped box being delivered after hours in 100 degree weather? A living breathing sweltering hot suffering cat. The box did sit unnoticed for 4 days. It “moved” into the corner of the driveway the first night of delivery, the content of the box was able to escape the second night after delivery and one of our cat-friendly dog residents found him for us on day 4 after delivery.”

The veterinary clinic reminded the person who abandoned that cat that her actions were illegal, writing, ” we are not accepting special deliveries in this manner and your actions are illegal, ma’am. Be a responsible adult human and find a legal and humane way to handle your situation.”

Dr. Elizabeth Noble, with the clinic, explains how the box went unnoticed to WFAA News, “It was obscured by a pillar. On our cameras we saw it moving around for a couple of days. The cat was probably going through times of struggling and sleeping, and then she would probably regain consciousness and come to and try to escape again. I just can’t imagine someone putting an animal in that type of situation.”

The cat, dubbed Lemon Squeeze, is traumatized by her ordeal, but she is recovering and doing well.

Do you know this person? Make a report here.

Veterinary Clinic Facebook page here.

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  1. This is what I think::: the cruelty of a woman dumping a cat in the box is bad enough, but I’ll bet she thought that one of the staff or doctor would see it and take it inside to open!! She should be tried and punished, at least a year in prison, $200,000 fine, and NEVER to be around, pet, or own or have an animal given to her for the rest of her life!! The other thing is:: WHY DIDN’T SOME OF YOUR LAZY STUPID STAFF go out and get the box that moved around!! YOU had to have common sense that something with life was in that box!! YOU should be tried too and give a sharp tongue along with some time in prison!!!!! Maybe this would have an effect to you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a screwed up witch this woman is. If she didn’t want the cat, take it inside the shelter, don’t throw it over the fence!! I get so sick of these abandonment cases. People are getting more and more sick and evil!! And who suffers for it. the innocent animals.

  3. The individual responsible deserves to be taped up in a box and left to die in the heat. She needs to know how it feels.

  4. Someone has to recognize this women ? I hope they prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law. Maybe her sentence should taped up in a box with no water or food in the scorching heat and see if she would survive.

    • Good idea!! Put the post up on social media so the police can identify the creepy woman that did this!! Stick her in a jail cell taped up in a box for 4 days!!

  5. How this cat survived in that heat is a miracle and one tough cat. This woman if her identity is discovered should be charged with animal cruelty-what the hell was she thinking? I am sick of reading here of people who abandon animals hoping for some divine intervention to save them while sometimes leaving them in perilous situations like this. Happy though that this little cat survived in spite of this idiots irresponsibility.


    • sorry, they “saw the box moving around for a couple of days” but didnt check? Those staff need a big old re education, and their poxy smartphones they are clearly so glued to they cant even drag their asses out to check “a moving box” amputated from their stupid hands! FFS! The dumb slut who dumped the cat needs punishment but so do those dumbass “staff”! shame on them all


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