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Abandoned And Starving Dog, Sick And Suffering From Gunshot Wounds, Rescued By Kind People

This week, an abandoned dog, starving, cold, and injured, was rescued by kind people who stepped up to ensure that he would suffer no more. Earlier this week, a woman named Naomi posted several images of the hound to her social media account, describing how she found him:

I’m about to cry….This poor baby is starving and freezing.I just happened to have 2 can of dog food in my work truck and he ate both cans in 30 seconds and I just looked out my window and seen him laying here shaking, I got something to cover him up and he didn’t move but seemed like he wanted covered up.

Though the good Samaritan who initially discovered the dog was not able to take him in, his story began circulating on Facebook and ultimately made it to someone who was in a position to assist.

A woman named Erica got the dog, dubbed Tucker, to a veterinarian and people who learned of his situation donated funds to help pay for his medical expenses. Erica detailed the slew of maladies revealed at his veterinary exam, writing:

X-rays showed he was shot 3 times, one of which broke his leg but the fracture has already started to heal. The vet said they could rebreak it but there was really no reason to put him through that kind of pain. He has tested positive for Lyme disease and anaplasmosis. He has a double ear infection, dermatitis in his paws, and one of his eyes are going bad.

Tucker is receiving care for his injuries, in addition to the things that mean the most – love and care. On Feb. 1, Erica posted photos of Tucker after perhaps the first bath of his life.

And promising Tucker that he will never be alone and suffering again:

He will spend his remaining years knowing he is loved.

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    • Yes,thankfully there are great people to offset the utter depravity of the assholes who put this poor dog in the situation in which it was found and equally thankfully there are more of the good guys than the bad ones by a long shot.


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