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A Nurse’s Shame – Police Find Video Of Her Having Sex With Great Dane

Texas – A Texas nurse’s shameful secret was discovered by police in Spring, Texas, after police searched her husband’s phone and found video showing her having sex with a great Dane. As reported by the Toronto Sun, Joely Keen, 53, was outed after her husband, William Mitchell Keen, 52, was caught masturbating at a supermarket. According to the publication, Keen was following children at the time.

Detectives who searched his phone found multiple child pornography videos, and a video of Joely engaged in “multiple sex acts” with the dog.

Neighbors told detectives that the Keens are known to be animal-lovers. Joely was charged with bestiality and her husband is facing felony child pornography charges. Joely was fired from her nursing position at Total Men’s Primary Care.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Lieut. Ken Washington commented:

“It’s not normal. In the 20-plus years I’ve been doing this job, it doesn’t cease to amaze me. But then you see an animal involved, which makes this odd.”

Police rescued three dogs from the family’s home, and their two children, ages 18 and 10, were taken in by family members.

The Keens have already posted bond and were released from jail.


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  1. These two freaks are disgusting and sickening. I’m glad they were caught and the dogs and children were removed from them. This is gross and heinous!!

    • You are 100% right Jaime. SICKO – FREAKS! These two are not living in the community. OMG!! Parents be careful, first sex with dogs – what’s next? Children are in danger. JAIL THEM!! 5 yrs. NEVER to own animals, work with animals or be around animals again. SICKO FREAKS!

  2. I can’t imagine how traumatised the children are from growing up with them. It’s really concerning. This is absolutely sick.

  3. They’re not “animal lovers” in the slightest; they’re sexual deviant monsters who think the world revolves around them and their cruel, hideous “needs.” I would personally roundhouse kick their heads clean off if it would be allowed.



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