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A Mystery: How Is This Adorable Puppy Struggling To Find A Home?

Atlanta, GA – An Atlanta rescue group has a mystery on their hands. An adorable puppy named Checkers is struggling to find a home. How can it be? He is darling, playful, friendly, and cuddly. In fact, according to Releash Atlanta, he is the stuff that “perfect companions” are made of.

On Friday, the rescue group said,

Checkers needs your help!
How is a sweet, cute, scruffy, small, young dog like him having trouble finding a home? We’re scratching our heads trying to figure it out 🤔 The only thing we can figure is that his posts aren’t being seen 😓 Can you help us by sharing his post and asking your friends to do the same?

Checkers’ biography reads:

Checkers is good with kids and thrives in the company of other dogs, so he needs a home where he has another playful dog. He hasn’t met any cats. 
He’s learning how to walk on a leash so he will require some patience, but he happily follows his foster siblings pretty well when going on walks. 
Checkers is ready to shower his new family with affection and become an inseparable part of their lives. 

This darling boy is ready to join a home. He is ready to start living his best life with people who want to show him all that the world has to offer. Please consider opening your home, and your heart, to this homeless pup.

Find Checkers’ biography here. 

Questions? Email directly.

Note: Please contact the shelter directly for all inquiries about this dog. 

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  1. Checkers is adorable! It’s no mystery though…people are overwhelmed by the number of dogs and puppies out there either for sale by awful people or desperately in need of rescue and homes, while countless dog breeders keep on being vile and thoughtless. I pray that Checkers gets a wonderful life in a forever home.



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