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A Cat’s Love Language; Recognizing The Signs That Your Cat Adores You

Dogs usually get top billing for the pets who are most affectionate, but cat lovers know that felines love their people! Cats have their own unique ways to show their owners that they adore them.

Do you recognize your cat’s love language? Does your cat ever gaze at you from across the room…slowly blinking and staring at your face? That’s love. Cats do a slow blink to the people they love.

Does your cat curl up on your lap, knead your with his/her soft paws, and purr incessantly? Yep, you guessed it, those are all signs of love. Cats don’t need big, sloppy dog kisses to show their people that they love them – they are more subtle, and snuggly!

Does your cat sometimes run to you and fall over to show you his/her belly? That’s love! Your feline friend trusts you so much that they can make themselves vulnerable to you.

Is your cat constantly meowing at you? That also is love! Cats typically don’t “talk” to each other, but if they vocalize with you, that’s a sure sign of affection.

If your cat follows you around, with his/her tail high in the air (and usually “fluffed out”) you are being shown that you are loved. And if your cat brings you presents or tries to groom you, you can be sure that you are cherished by your feline.

Cats may be independent and sometimes aloof, but cat people know – there is nothing quite like being loved by an adorable feline.

How does your cat show you love? Please share your stories in the comment section!

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  1. I have had several cats and they all show love in different ways. One of my current cats (all are rescues, this is one that I rescued) snuggles up to my side whilst purring her head off but this is only for a few minutes. Another one insists on sleeping on my legs in bed and loves being picked up and cuddled. A tabby will grab hold of my hand and pull it to her head for a fuss then walks all over me for attention before jumping on hubby to settle in his arms. However they show it, cats are wonderful loving babies.

  2. My boy does every single one of the things mentioned !!!! And, he head butts me !!! That’s a sign of love too !!!!!❤🐾🥰

  3. I have all that from my cats ,one of my cats kept licking my hair and kissed my face,another licks my arm and bites tenderly,another meows at me all the time and answers me,I have two that runs at me then rolls over in front of me and stand on back legs to reach my hands.



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