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A 20-Year-Old Dog Was Surrendered By His Owner, But The Heartbreak Was Remedied By Someone Else

An elderly, 20-year-old dog was surrendered by his family.

Florida – When a 20-year-old dog was surrendered to a Florida animal shelter, hearts broke. The Weimaraner, named Dax, was utterly confused by the loss of the home he had lived in for two decades.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue created a poignant TikTok video that revealed Dax’s confusion and sadness – his emotions clearly evident in his expressive eyes.

20-year-old dog surrendered to shelter
20-year-old dog surrendered to shelter

The animal welfare agency offered a gentle reminder that pets are not mindless objects that can simply be given away; they are family.

But Dax’s story does not have a sorrowful ending. In fact, his story has a beautiful ending...an ending defined by love. According to Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Dax was welcomed into a foster home. The animal welfare group said:

our dedicated team at Big Dog Ranch Rescue transported DAX from his temporary foster, Jozel who graciously cared for DAX while we searched to find the perfect home that would give DAX the love and care that he deserves for the remainder of his life.

DAX was welcomed by his forever mother and his new siblings with loving open arms.

Because of generous supporters, Dax was given a new wheelchair, medications, an orthopedic bed, and “lots of toys” to enjoy at his new home.


💙PLEASE WATCH-LISTEN-READ-SHARE This is DAX 🐾 a 20 year old Weimaraner surrendered by his owner and is now foster care with Big Dog Ranch Rescue. It is unfathomable to think about a loving loyal 20 year old senior dog, at the end of his life span, given up and left confused and heartbroken. 💔 Please let Dax’s story be a reminder of the responsibilities of being a dog owner, physically and emotionally. They are not just dogs-they are our children and our family memebers who love us unconditionally and remain forever loyal, asking for little in return. 💙Miracle Fund Donate: Link in Bio ☝🏻 🐾 Adopt: www.BDRR.org/adopt 🏠 Foster: foster.manager@bdrr.org 💚Donate: www.bdrr.org/donate 💲Venmo: @bigdogranchrescue 💰CashApp: @bigdogranchrescue 💵Zelle: finance@bdrr.org #bdrr #bigdogranchrescue #fyp #savedogs #trending #adoptme #dogrescue #viralvideo #adoptdontshop #shelterstories #seniordogrescue #Weimaraner #weimaranersoftiktok #weimaranerrescue #helpadoptme #miracledogs

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Pets are not things. They feel pain, joy, love, and confusion and they deserve the very best that we can provide to them. Dax is fortunate that someone was able to open their heart, and home, to him.

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  1. Thank God this poor old dog found a loving home!! I truly hope the evil person who dumped this poor precious dog at the shelter will get what he/she deserves: the hell!!!

  2. * so happy that this ol man has found his new forever home, and that they will shower him with all the love and kisses and cuddles he can stand….. and as for the ones that “DUMPED” him at a shelter, I hope u are dumped in a horrible nursing home and have a lonely and miserable hard remainder of yrs…. shame on u…. but bless the woman that took in your family to make him her’s….

  3. I don’t know the owners circumstances for leaving the dog at the shelter. What I can say is that I am glad Dax wasn’t abandoned in a field or dumped elsewhere. It is heartbreaking though for the pets who don’t understand why they are there. They do miss us. A lot of dogs that seem “aggressive” in the shelter are just really afraid. It must be a stressful environment. Getting a pet is a life long commitment.

  4. God be with you and Dax… and your beautiful home!!! You are an angel taking this angel!!
    God bless you all!! THANK YOU, MY FRIEND!! THANK YOU!!!

  5. I am at a total loss for words over anyone possessing the absolute lack of compassion, integrity, morality and caring necessary to harm, neglect or abuse ANY cat, or any living being in distress and need. Sharing this story. May Dax know only comfort, best care, and love for every moment of every one of his days and nights.

  6. Surrendered? Dumped is likely more accurate though I can not say for sure. My dog was 14 1/2 and it said on his form that he could not give Andre what he needed. He came to me with sweaters, a bed, and so much more. He thought he was doing the right thing and in a way he was. Luckily, the shelter called a rescuer and then he came to live with me. He was deaf and toothless and now he is blind and unstable on his feel very often. He is now 16 1/2. I could never do that to such an old dog-20 years old!-and though I want to be angry if he did indeed dump him because he is old, I must also consider the other reasons which I hope were better ones. Such a sweet looking old man. I could not do it but then I am older too and have the time.

    • Exactly and I hope his x-owners family dumps him off in a nursing facility one day and just leaves him like he did to this poor elderly dog! How disgraceful people are! No feelings!!! He was good enough to have for 20 years but not toward the end!!! Hope the same happens to this worthless scumbag.


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