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29 Chained, Neglected Dogs Rescued From Squalor At ‘Rescuer’s’ Property

Atascosa County, TX – Dozens of chained dogs who were living in squalor at the property of a reported “rescuer” have been seized. The Atascosa County Animal Control said the agency, “received a complaint of animal abuse which initiated an investigation on a known rescuer in our area.”

Based on the preliminary findings, the agency was able to obtain a seizure warrant to save the neglected dogs from their life of misery. The agency describes the conditions:

These dogs were living in deplorable conditions and among piles of trash. Some dogs were in small makeshift kennels and others were tied to stationary objects with small chains and ropes. Our investigation alleges that all the dogs were suffering from malnourishment and inadequate veterinary care.

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The animal welfare agency describes the situation involving the “rescuer” who was in charge of the dogs’ welfare:

The person responsible for the dogs claims to be a rescuers who works with other rescuers in the area. We have been aware of this person in the past and have cited her on several occasions for violations. We have never received an official complaint of animal abuse until a brave individual saw what was happening and decided to be the voice for these poor pets. Its disheartening that certain people in the area knew about the conditions of the dogs and were assisting her with dog food, money and even bringing her dogs for her to “rescue” without calling us and making an official criminal complaint.

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The dogs will be held for 20 days to allow the case to go to court. After that time, the agency will reevaluate the dogs to determine what is best for them.

According to KENS5 News, the homeowner/rescuer is identified as Patricia Stone. She is reported to be cooperating with officials.

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