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17 Dogs Rescued From ‘Hell On Earth’

Richland County, OH – 17 dogs have a new lease on life after being rescued from conditions described as “Hell on Earth.” On Thursday, the Richland County Humane Society announced the closure of their shelter due to “an unforeseen emergency,” writing:

Our Humane Agents are in the process of pulling 17 full-sized dogs from absolutely deplorable, uninhabitable living conditions.

Hours after the initial post, the animal welfare agency alerted the public that the dogs had safely been removed:

All 17 dogs were successfully removed from an absolutely condemnable home today. We have some challenges ahead. We’ve got a lot of skin issues and tumors and medical needs that we will be addressing in the coming days.


The bright side is that the lives of 17 dogs will be infinitely better, thanks to the concerned person who called and alerted us to this “hell on earth” situation. I think the dogs are grateful for the intervention as well. They are very sweet.

The shelter is hopeful that items from their Amazon Wish List will be donated to the dogs who are in their care – find the list at this link.

The shelter is not big enough to accommodate the sudden influx of animals. The shelter is asking for help:

We are currently scrambling to find places to put them so we are able to assess them. If anyone has any suggestions or resources to help, PLEASE call us at 419-774-4795. We’ve already asked the Richland County Dog Warden and she said she doesn’t have room.


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  1. Oh yes!! At last dogs are out of the hell life!! Damn to the owner/s for keeping them in cages!! Now those dogs’ owner/s needs/need to be in the prison for the rest of her/their life.

  2. Thank you for saving these precious pups from “hell” They deserve to be taken care of and hopefully go to good loving homes.



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