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15 Dogs In ‘Appalling Condition’ Rescued From Backyard Breeder

Alberta, Canada – Badly neglected dogs, used to make money for a greedy backyard breeder, have been rescued. According to the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS), the owner of the dogs passed away. The animal welfare agency writes:

This is a case of neglect and harm, fueled by greed and the next sale of an overpriced designer puppy. The individual who ran this breeding operation has passed away, but the consequences remain for those left behind.

SCARS explains why the phrase “Adopt Don’t Shop” is more than a meaningless slogan:

It isn’t just some slogan. Every time a puppymill makes another sale, it causes future suffering to the animals being held captive in horrible conditions and bred and bred again. Keys that you aren’t dealing with a reputable breeder, pick up points in parking lots, you aren’t welcomed to the home and given the opportunity to meet the parents and see the condition the animals are raised in are giveaways.

The rescued dogs were covered in urine and feces, and all were “emaciated.” Thankfully, the dogs are now in good hands – receiving good food, veterinary care, and lots of love.

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  1. The only good news here is the owner croaked. If people were to stop buying animals from people like this, online or otherwise and adopt from reputable shelters or animal rescues these assholes would no longer have a reason to be in “business” It is a travesty that animals suffer at the hands of these dirtbags for commercial gain. The law needs to be strengthened but here inCanada with our bleeding heart justice system , that is just a wishful fantasy and unfortunately the animals will continue to suffer as a consequence.Canada sucks when it comes to protecting animals and Ontario is the worst province with the most lax laws .


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