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14 Huskies Roaming In Washington Captured And Taken To Critically Full Shelter

Pierce County, WA – Fourteen huskies and husky mixes were recently captured after running loose near Ashford, Washington, for more than a month. The pack of dogs had been reported to animal control officers by residents who saw them running through their community.

The dogs, ranging in age from five months to five years, are now in the care of the Humane Society of Tacoma & Pierce County, but the intake brings the critically full shelter facility to a staggering 184 dogs.

The shelter said:

There is just one big problem – our kennels are completely full, and the animals keep flooding in.
With this intake, there are now 184 dogs in our care, creating a massive strain on our staff and resources. Our veterinary and animal care teams are also working to care for over 400 animals who were with us prior to this large group of dogs arriving.


At the basic level, every single animal in our shelter needs daily care with nutritious food, cleansing baths, and enrichment. That doesn’t include their essential medical treatment, like exams, diagnostics, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, and medications.
Not only does this take up every moment of our day, but the costs associated with this care are enormous.
Despite these challenges, our willingness to help is never in doubt. These 14 dogs need us – for a soft place to land, expert care, and a second chance.

Detailing how the community can help during this difficult time:

We desperately need to move animals out of the shelter to help us create critically-needed space for new arrivals. Here’s how you can help:
DONATE – Your gift right now will not only help these 14 dogs but ensure our skilled team can continue to be there for all animals in need — whether it’s one or hundreds at a time >> thehumanesociety.org/14-huskies
ADOPT – View the adoptable dogs on our website to help us make room in our kennels. Adoption fees for all adult dogs are currently Name Your Price!
FOSTER – Open your home to a pet temporarily! We especially need fosters for large, adult dogs. Fill out the application on our website, and we will be in touch soon!

You can make a donation to help at this link.

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