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130 Neglected Horses Rescued From Virginia Farm

Mt Jackson, VA – Dozens of neglected horses are getting a second chance after being seized from a farm, at the 2300 block of Quicksburg Rd, Mt Jackson, VA. According to the Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office, on June 15 deputies assigned to the Animal Control Division responded to a complaint and discovered several severely malnourished horses with visible hip bones, ribs, and little fat cover.

Several rescue agencies have stepped up to help the seized horses, including Richmond Animal Care and Control, which alerted Facebook followers:

Hold onto your hearts. ❤️ We are very grateful to be in a position to help another county handling a large horse seizure today. Word on the street is, it’s over 100 horses in bad shape. We offered to take 4 of the worst cases in an effort to save their lives. More to come…they arrive shortly. Thanks in advance to Woodside Equine Clinic for helping us with exams and diagnostics tonight

If you want to help fund this effort or support the organizations fostering these horses, please visit the websites of the agencies involved.

Hope’s Legacy-https://www.hopeslegacy.com/

Central Virginia Horse Rescue-http://centralvahorserescue.org/

Shenandoah Valley Equine Rescue Network- https://www.svern.org/


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  1. Horses cost a lot of money to upkeep. They don’t just look after themselves. If you don’t have the time and money DON’T BLOODYWELL GET THEM OR GET HELP. Jesus what is it with people who prefer to let an animal that can’t look after itself suffer?!


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