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13 Gorillas At Zoo Test Positive For Covid – Officials Believe They Got Sick From Vaccinated Staff Member

There is a Covid-19 outbreak among gorillas at Zoo Atlanta, and it is believed that the primates contracted the virus from a vaccinated staff member with the animal care team.

The zoo issued a release about the troubling situation, writing:

While it cannot be known with certainty how the gorillas acquired the virus, the Animal Care and Veterinary Teams believe the infections originated with a COVID-positive care team member. The team member is fully vaccinated, was wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and was asymptomatic on the day of reporting to work.

The gorillas were tested after staff observed “coughing, nasal discharge, and minor changes in appetite in several members of the gorilla population.” A presumptive diagnosis of covid-19 was made after oral, nasal and fecal samples were tested and sent away for analysis. So far, 13 gorillas have tested positive, and all 20 gorillas at the zoo are being tested and monitored.

Sam Rivera, DVM, Senior Director of Animal Health commented on the situation:

“We are very concerned that these infections occurred, especially given that our safety protocols when working with great apes and other susceptible animal species are, and throughout the pandemic have been, extremely rigorous.”

The zoo outlined the safety measures that were in place where the primates got sick:

The infections occurred in an area of the Zoo where COVID safety protocols are already at their most stringent. The use of PPE when working with great apes was already a standard practice at Zoo Atlanta due to their susceptibility to many of the same illnesses experienced by humans, including the common cold and influenza. Although masks and gloves were already worn by the Gorilla Care Team when team members were inside the gorillas’ indoor areas or preparing outdoor habitats, additional preventive measures, such as N95 masks, Tyvek® suits, modified cleaning protocols and increased ventilation in the gorilla building, have been instituted. Team members never share the same physical space with the gorillas, and all interactions take place on opposite sides of a barrier with social distancing in place where practical. Team members also adhere to strict PPE protocols and social distancing guidelines among themselves, and PPE being used by the Gorilla Care Team is the same as what would be seen in human healthcare environments.

The significance of this outbreak

Why should everyone be concerned about this outbreak? Because it impacts the outcome of this pandemic. Thehistoryofvaccines.org explains the significance of viruses that have animal reservoirs, specifically with regards to eradication:

Some diseases have an animal reservoir, meaning they can infect other species besides humans. Yellow fever, for example, infects humans, but can also infect monkeys. If a mosquito capable of spreading yellow fever bites an infected monkey, the mosquito can then give the disease to humans. So even if the entire population of the planet could somehow be vaccinated against yellow fever, its eradication could not be guaranteed. The disease could still be circulating among monkeys, and it could re-emerge if human immunity ever waned.

You can read more about vaccines and human versus animal reservoirs, at this link.

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    • Really Debra? Not like transmission is on purpose. Now if they were caught knowingly transmitting a virus, then yes, I agree, but covid is transmitted without even you knowing you have it.

  2. If you have symptoms (which some times happens after having a jab, just like with any other jab) you are advised to stay home, so did he somewhere in his mind think that because he works in a zoo, it’d be okay. (If he worked in a restaurant for example, would he have gone to work)

    • The article says he has no symptoms. This makes sense as we know the Covid injections do not prevent infection or transmission, however they lessen the symptoms if and when you do get Covid. This makes the vaccinated potentially into asymptotic spreaders. The zoo employee may have felt just fine that day.

  3. Yes, I’ve learned that vaccinated people may spread virus to the others even animals. There should not be mandated for the people to be vaccinated because some people died from being vaccinated. As for me, I can’t take the “poison” jab because I tend to have one or one & half hour of sleep that means in my brain has almost none oxygen then I would be seizure then my would be early death. Two women died from taking the jab in different hospitals. Good thing I watched both of those News on two different evenings. I don’t tend to watch the News on the TV for such a long time. I strongly believe that our Heavenly Father needed me to watch both of them so I knew by taking the jab is not for me.

    • Does this also then apply to all the other vaccines that have ever been given? Malaria/Yellow fever, Flu, MMR etc. If you have conditions that your doctor knows about and thinks a vaccine is not suitable for you then he or she would/should advise you accordingly.

      • Most regular doctors promote all vaccines and will not go against the popular medical trend . . . in this case that all vaccines are fine and safe. Furthermore NO regular doctor would know the intricate, unique and highly individualized immune response of every patient! Your belief that a regular physician would somehow magically know how a person is going to respond to vaccine is not founded in science, since each and every person will respond differently. I was forced to be vaccinated for rubella as a 30 yr old woman and suffered severe and lasting immune problems. After seeing some of the best immunologists in the country, by extensive blood work, this was proven. In fact not long after, a class action law suit was taken against Merck by a group of women doctors and nurses, who also had severe adverse reactions to the MMR or straight Rubella vaccine.. As a result and due to many studies here and in England, it has been proven that 1 in 100 adult woman have a reaction to the rubella vaccine. How many regular physicians know this? In my search for health and treatments I ended up seeing many fine and brilliant immunologists. ALL of them spoke (quietly and in private) of how they approach vaccines with extreme caution and the dangers of many of them. But they could not “go public” about their concerns since they would ostracized in the medical community. So, please do not believe that most regular physician would ever know what vaccines are best or not for their patients. Someone would have to see a very intelligent immunologist. to learn more about their immune system. A regular person would never think about seeing this sort of doctor, until after the fact. Regular physicians all follow the “party line” and advocate being vaccinated for everything!! There are a few exceptions (thankfully) among some pediatricians. where actual well thought out and careful decisions about vaccines are made.

      • I learned a long time ago about how insidious corruption changed what we are able to “know,” and that includes what has been taught in the medical schools after being taken over by the Rockefeller empire. My former veterinarian admitted to me that all she learned about vaccines is, “They are good and you WILL give them.” Most doctors “learn” about vaccines from the paid representatives of the pharmaceutical companies who visit their offices regularly, and most doctors respond to the financial incentives they are offered to keep vaccination statistics up. SO, if you want to learn the truth about vaccinations, you need to search out the doctors who are trying to warn us, there are many, but some who have written books are Dr. Suzanne Humphries (Dissolving Illusions) Dr. RIchard Moskowitz (Vaccines, A Reappraisal)Dr. Eleanor McBean (The Poisoned Needle and Vaccination Condemned, and Dr. Harold Buttram (Vaccinations and Immune Malfunction). There’s a lot more. Look up VacTruth.

  4. For one thing, gorillas and any other animal species do not belong in a zoo. They develop a variety of illnesses because they are imprisoned in a jail foreign to their natural environment and a healthy lifestyle. Most people are aware that the Covid PCR tests that have driven this phony pandemic are fraudulent and produce false positives. Someone sent in a Covid PCR test that had been done on a banana and was told the banana tested positive for Covid. PCR tests are tools that are used to foment fear and sell vaccines. These gorillas will be just fine if they are released to a sanctuary and can live a more normal life away from humans and the unnatural treatment they are being subjected to now.

  5. Yes, many doctors have warned that the vaccinated are the super spreaders, and it’s not the first time that vaccines have “shed.” If only more animal people would look at the vivisection end of this. Dr. Vernon Coleman (who makes video presentations all the time) has spoken about this, and he is also aware of the damage that animal experimentation has wreaked on human health, offering to debate vivisectors publicly, but they won’t do it.

    • Can you please refer me to where you found information stating that many doctors have said that vaccinated people are the super spreaders? I’de love to read all those articles


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