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13 Bison Dead After Being Struck By Semi Truck Near Yellowstone National Park

Last week, a semi-truck slammed into a herd of bison near Yellowstone National Park. According to the West Yellowstone Police Department, a total of 13 bison died in the tragic incident.

According to a news release from the authorities, the truck hit the herd around 6:30 p.m., near mile marker 4 on Highway 191. Some of the bison had to be euthanized due to the severity of their injuries.

The police stated that the bison are often found near paved roads and snowmobile trails during the winter months because it is easier for them to travel, and they urged drivers to slow down and “drive appropriately” for road and weather conditions.

“Although speed may not necessarily have been a factor in this accident, road conditions at the time would dictate traveling below the posted speed limit,” police said.

Montana Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

(Stock image of bison via Pixabay)

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  1. Heartbreaking tragedy — truck must’ve been speeding — very difficult to miss Bison — unless on a turn — at which point Driver would slow down — Bison must’ve suffered and died terrible deaths — I wish this were avoided — Humans must realize that we share our lands, highways, roads with Animals — we MUST SLOW down.

  2. OMG, poor poor bisons…..The monster who did this must be punished to death!!! Hang that evil scumbag by his balls and make him regret!!!!

  3. prosecute that driver to the fullest extent allowed by law. there is no excuse for killing 13 large, very easy to see, animals. Evil driver.

    • We can be the worst species on this planet. Everyday I read more and more people saying the same thing about our fellow humans. I feel the same way anymore.

  4. That driver needs to be looked at more closely .This seems like this was done on purpose, that’s way to many animals to hit unless you are aiming your vehicle at them.

  5. What in the world is wrong with the driver? How do you not see a herd of very large animals? The driver must be an idiot.

  6. How can anyone not see a herd of bison??? AND everyone knows that they (the bison) can be anywhere near or in Yellowstone so they should NEVER hit a bison. Something is not right with this driver that he hit them. I hope he was tested for drugs or alcohol. Charges should be brought against this driver especially for killing so many.

  7. OMG!!! There is absolutely no reason for this awful news!! Whoever the driver was is a complete idiot and I hope karma pays them a visit for these poor innocent animals. So, so sad. πŸ™

  8. It’s bad enough when someone accidentally hits a small mammal like a possum at night, but there is no way you accidentally hit an entire herd of buffalo. They are among the largest land animals in the US and are clearly visible by drivers in the daytime so I think that this ‘accident’ was no accident at all. I hope the authorities do a through investigation and that the driver of that truck gets what is coming to him.


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