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10 Dogs Rescued From Remote Property Where They Were Left Without Care When Owner Was Hospitalized

Prince George, BC – Ten dogs are safe after being rescued by officials with the BC SPCA. According to a news release from the animal welfare agency, the dogs were living without care on a remote property three hours outside of Fort St. John after their owner was hospitalized.

Eileen Drever, senior officer, protection and stakeholder relations for the BC SPCA, commented on the situation, explaining that the dogs had been living outdoors and were clearly excited about being rescued:

“Thankfully, we were alerted to the situation and our officers were able to reach the property to provide food and water and to do an initial health inspection on the dogs. Access to the property is about 150 metres from a main road and the dogs were kept tethered outdoors further in on the property. When the dogs saw our officers approaching they began barking frantically – they were so excited to see people.”

When presented with food, the dogs “ate voraciously” and were friendly to the people helping them.

The agency was able to get in touch with the dogs’ owner, who willingly surrendered his pets because he had no one else to care for them. The animal welfare agency enlisted the use of a cargo plane to fly six of the dogs to Prince George; the remaining four dogs were driven to the shelter.

Aside from some dental issues, and dirty/matted fur, the dogs are said to be in relatively good health.

Learn more about how you can help the rescued dogs at this link.

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  1. Thank you for getting these innocent dogs off chains and out of the freezing cold. They have a chance at having a very good life now.


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